Charley Shipley

Helena, Montana

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Charley Shipley

Charley Shipley grew up in Arizona. From his earliest memories he was an artist taking inspiration from his father, who had a gift but never pursued it. They would sit for hours, drawing animals together. They also spent time in the remote mountains and canyons of Arizona hunting, fishing and hiking. This is where Shipley discovered his love of the outdoors and the amazing creatures that inhabit such magnificent country. Shipley’s love for the outdoors has always inspired and motivated his art.

Shipley’s work has been influenced by many artists over the years, both past and present. Some of the more prominent ones include George Inness, John Singer Sargent, Andrew Wyeth, Cyrus Afsary, Greg Beecham, Peter Nisbet and Valoy Eaton. His formal education consisted of art, design and drawing classes in college and intensive weeklong workshops over the years. He has been featured in Southwest Art and Western Art Collector and has shown in the Western Masters and Out West Art Shows. He has also been in the prestigious Charlie Russell Art Auction held in Great Falls, Montana each year.

Remote, lonely, forgotten, neglected, untouched, and wild places such as the rugged deserts of Arizona or the snow-covered peaks of Montana inspire the artist. These settings, along with bold lines and ample use of paint and contrasts between light and dark, cool and warm give life and character to Shipley’s work. His paintings reflect the raw, yet peaceful beauty of this world, removed from the crowded hustle and bustle of everyday life. His paintings invite the viewer to remember a distant time or place in the natural world that holds special meaning to them. It is his hope, that his paintings can inspire a greater appreciation for our Creator’s handywork and the artistry in nature. Shipley lives in Helena with his wife, Cindy.