Jack Lyons

Great Falls MT

Jack Lyons - Happy Hour Wine Cabinet

Happy Hour Wine Cabinet

Jack Lyons - Birch Bark Cabinet

Birch Bark Cabinet

Jack Lyons - Walnut Cabinet

Walnut Cabinet

Jack Lyons - Molesworth Style Table

Molesworth Style Table

About Jack

Jack Lyon’s talent and passion elevate cabinetry to a true art form. He is known throughout the region for his ability to combine an artist’s creative vision with stunning craftsmanship, and then create something unique and enduring: handcrafted beauty you can reach out and touch.

Lyons’ work over the years has been diverse – building custom furnishings and imaginative themed spaces for model homes, designing and building his own homes and of course all the furniture; building several artists’ studios, custom, artistic furniture, metal art pieces and expressive wood carvings.

For the C.M. Russell Museum, Jack has done much work, including remodeling the Renner Library in fine Oxford style, remodeling the entire main gallery, designing and building the Kids Discovery Gallery, and the Bison Exhibit, including top-of-the-line display cases for Native American artifacts.

Lyons’ most recent focus is building one-of-a-kind art furniture pieces, doing wood carving and metal art pieces.