Hans Kleiber

1887 – 1967

Virginia Deer

10″ x 8″     Etching     (19″ x 17″ Framed)


Hans Kleiber was born in Cologne, Germany in 1887 and died at the Eventide Nursing Home in Sheridan, Wyoming in 1967.  He was a traditional Western etcher, painter, and illustrator.

He came to Wyoming from Germany in 1906 and in 1907, he entered the U. S. Forestry Service as a Ranger with duties throughout the Northwest.  When he resigned in 1924, it was to devote his entire time to art, despite his lack of formal art instruction.

In 1931, he received the Silver Medal Award from the California Print Makers Society.  He was a member of the Associated American Artists.

His work is in the collection of the Library of Congress; the Wyoming State Art Museum in Cheyenne, Wyoming; the University of Wyoming in Laramie, Wyoming; the Montana Historical Society in Helena, Montana; The Bradford Brinton Memorial and Museum in Big Horn, Wyoming; and the Buffalo Bill Historical Society in Cody, Wyoming.

Sources:  Bradford Brinton Memorial & Museum / AskArt.com

Virginia Deer by Hans Kleiber *sold*
Virginia Deer by Hans Kleiber *sold*