John Isaiah Pepion

John Isaiah Pepion


John Isaiah Pepion is an acclaimed artist, muralist and educator who hails from the Blackfeet Nation in northern Montana. His plains graphic art combines traditional design and contemporary illustrations to create a signature look that is instantly recognized throughout the country.

John’s considers his art journey as ceremony because his understanding of his past, family, and culture grows with each piece he creates.  “Through my art,” he says, “I find personal healing, cultural preservation and a deeper connection to place.”

A descendent of Mountain Chief, a Blackfeet leader who preserved history through numerous winter counts, John aspires to have a positive impact on his community though his art activities and beyond.

When not creating art, John is an active public speaker and educator who has traveled the country speaking at public schools, organizations and with groups of aspiring artists. He holds formal degrees in Art Marketing and Museum Studies from United Tribes Technical College and the Institute of American Indian Arts, respectively.

In 2018, John began working with Native-owned Eighth Generation and their Inspired Natives Project with the goal of increasing his business capacity. His goal is to bring his cultural art to market while maintaining control over the stories embedded within it.