Raymond Gibby

Bigfork · Whitefish · Tucson

Raymond Gibby


Raymond Gibby grew up in Southern California in the foothills outside of Riverside. As a child, he developed a love of the outdoors and wildlife. His father taught him about craftsmanship and his grandfather was a prolific landscape and wildlife oil painter. After four years of high school art instruction, Gibby received further art training from professional artist Judy Eriksen. She, as well as his high school art teacher, encouraged him to make art his career.

Gibby began his sculpting career shortly after landing a job as a metal worker in a lost wax art foundry in Springville, UT. While there, Gibby was befriended and tutored by many prominent artists. A few became close mentors and friends. He created his first wildlife bronze with a small loan from his father-in-law. Gibby sold his first piece and created two more from that initial sale. Working 12-hour days for six years, for the foundry and on his own work, it wasn’t long before he was selling and growing his works into a portfolio that was being noticed by galleries and notable clients. His works are now seen in private and corporate collections across the nation.

Using wildlife subject matter as a medium of expression, Gibby attempts to depict aspects of human behavior to share lessons about humanity. Gibby says,”because animals are always truthful in accordance with their natural instincts, they become a great tool for crafting a message about some theme of humanity. Most of my artwork depicts animals, but they are about people. With my art I hope others can connect to their own life’s situations and find encouragement plus instruction”.