Francesca Droll

Caleb Meyer

Francesca Droll


The creative spirit is inspired by that which surrounds it. As a plein air painter, that is especially true for me and northwest Montana. I love this landscape—the rugged mountains, the pristine lakes, and the lush farmlands. As a child of Swiss immigrants, feel connected to it on a deep, spiritual level.

I’m endlessly inspired to discover and become familiar with the variations and nuances of landscape. Pastels are my chosen medium because they allow me to use bold flourishing strokes as well as subtle blending to convey mood and motion in the composition. My work is informed by plein air painting – I put up with the weather, the bugs, the wind, and the inconvenience while painting on location. The sense of bliss I feel while viewing a scene bathed in light and shadow is what I hope to convey to the viewer. If a work of art can foster connectivity with the viewer, it becomes an asset to their quality of life.

My background includes over 30 years as a graphic designer running an intimate design studio, Abacus Graphics, with my husband and partner, John R. Webster. We are located in Bigfork on the beautiful shoreline of Flathead Lake.