Michelle Grant

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Michelle Grant


Graduate Alberta College of Art & Design (1987), Calgary, Alberta, Canada.
Signature Member, American Academy Of Equine Art, Lexington, KY.

Born and raised in Calgary, Alberta, Michelle Grant has been working professionally as an artist since 1994. Her first artistic experiences date back to the age of three, when she first discovered the magic of tempera paint and crayolas. In First Grade her renditions of dinosaurs were in hot demand from her classmates, sparking an interest in art as a lifelong pursuit.

She presently works in a contemporary realistic style, working in oils, acrylic and graphite. She is a graduate of the Alberta College of Art (1987), and Signature Member of the American Academy of Equine Art, based in Lexington, Kentucky. Horses have long been her passion and figure prominently in her work. Her inspiration comes from owning horses, and attending a multitude of horse related events, capturing photographic reference for her paintings.

The consistent quality of her work has resulted in its’ collection by both private and corporate clients. Her work has received numerous awards in both Canada and the United States.

Art instruction being one of her strengths, Michelle has enjoyed teaching adult art lessons and conducting workshops since the mid-1990’s. She teaches at Swinton’s Art Instruction & Supply in Calgary, Alberta.