Trust your treasures to the best framers in Northwest Montana.

We are driven by design with your artwork’s safey and presentation at the forefront of everything we do.

Framing is both our first love and our greatest strength. Use of the finest conservation and preservation grade materials available insures that your artwork or artifact is showcased without damage caused by the frame.

Our molding selection is myriad; rather than simply carrying materials stocked by regional distributors or waiting for sales reps to bring us what they think we might want to show, we seek out the unusual, the unique, the spectacular.  From a simple black moulding to 14k gold and handmade leaher frames, we can find the perfect match for your artwork.  

Why Choose FoR Fine Art?



Only the finest materials will do…


We use the most current and correct techniques to showcase your artwork…


Nothing boring here – we specialize in creative framing options!


Your art and your memories are always treated as the treasures they represent.
Framing design is a very fluid thing, if you want to pick out the perfect frame on your own, we’re happy to assist. If you need a little guidance but you know what you like, we’re here for you. Or if you just want to drop something off and let us work our magic, we guarantee you’ll be thrilled with the result.

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    How do we differ from most other frame shops?

    “Any fool can put a frame on a picture – it’s just four sticks of wood.”

    …And that’s kind of a problem. Picture framing is a funny industry. There’s no degree available, no license is required and the vast majority of the people working as picture framers haven’t actually had any formal training.

    At FoR Fine Art we work tirelessly to insure that our knowledge and our techniques are as current and correct as can be. We attend at least one industry event every year to see the latest products available and to take classes offered by industry giants. We want to make certain we’re taking the best possible care of the things you bring us to frame.

    Improper materials and techniques can actually cause damage to your prized possessions, and often it’s the parts of the framing package that you can’t see in the completed piece that are potentially the most harmful. Improper adhesives, matting and mounting boards which cause acid burn, glass without ultra violet filtering properties – all of these things can contribute to a framing package that harms your artwork rather than preserving it for future generations.

    Does it really matter for a $20 poster? No, not really. And we do frame a ton of $20 posters (and we have a bunch of options that probably cost much less than you might think.) But most of the things brought to us are actually priceless: your kid’s first finger painting, your great-great-grandmother’s hand-knitted scarf, your law degree or your shop’s first dollar bill.

    There’s no denying that custom framing is expensive. It’s labor intensive and it’s one of the few things left in our world that is truly custom. (After all, when’s the last time you had a suit, dress or draperies custom made?) If you’re going to pay to have something framed, why not pay to have it framed correctly?

    Don’t forget…

    In addition to creating the perfect framing package for your painting, photograph or print, we also offer the following:

    • Custom mirrors – any size, nearly any style with beveled glass available
    • Preservation shadowboxes for a single item, an entire collection, your favorite sports jersey or . . .
    • Creative and cost effective options for your children’s art
    • Design consultation for corporate installations
    • Unique family photo collages