Howard Post

Caleb Meyer

Howard Post


Known for his paintings of cattle, cowboys, rodeo arenas, and ranch life executed with a unique aerial perspective and sun-drenched hues, Howard Post is an impressionist painter who portrays the contemporary West in a modern fashion.

Post, a native Arizonan, was born and raised on a ranch near Tucson. Not surprisingly, he gravitated toward the life of a cowboy. After Post completed bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in fine art at the University of Arizona, he taught there for two years. Post worked as a commercial artist until 1980, when he decided to paint what he knew best, Arizona’s ranch traditions.

Viewers of Post’s oils or pastels respond to a bird’s-eye view of cattle clustered in a corral, cowboys perched in fence rails, or a distant ranch house. This higher perspective endows people and animals in the painting with stronger shapes and patterns.

Source: Medicine Man Gallery