Aaron Hazel

Bigfork · Tucson · Whitefish

Aaron Hazel


Aaron Hazel is an award-winning artist based in Boise, ID. His initial, nationally acclaimed body of work centered on the art of athletics, a genre he explored while studying fine art and playing basketball at Whitman College.

Today Hazel finds inspiration in unearthing the stories of the underrepresented and misrepresented. His curiosity stems from a relentless desire to learn and understand. He is known for his detailed research and unique interpretation of many different people of the West. Hazel does not shy away from other subjects, scenes, or moments that move him. His process is evolving, albeit experimental; juxtaposing realism with abstraction, beautifully creating his own color language within the work. Hazel’s heavy implementation of paint and skillful use of a palette knife were techniques refined by his mentor, renowned impressionist Robert Moore.

Aaron Hazel enjoys sharing his love for the arts with schools, at-risk youth programs, and fellow painters. When not painting, he can be found shooting hoops or hanging with his young niece and nephew. His work can be seen in galleries in Montana, Arizona, Idaho, New Mexico and on the corporate walls of Starbucks, Facebook and Nike.