Echo Ukrainetz

Great Falls MT


Sandhill Crane by Echo Ukrainetz

Sandhill Crane

11″ x 14″ – batik – sold
Sandhill Crane in Flight by Echo Ukrainetz

Sandhill Crane in Flight

11″ x 14″ – Batik – sold
Helen of Many Glacier by Echo Ukrainetz

Helen of Many Glacier

24″ x 29″ – Batik with Gold Leaf – sold
Fall Break by Echo Ukrainetz

Fall Break

6.5″ x 8.5″ – Batik – sold
Long Otter by Echo Ukrainetz

Long Otter

24″ x 18″ – batik – sold
Reach the Stars by Echo Ukrainetz

Reach the Stars

20″ x 16″ – Batik – sold
Getting Ready to Work by Echo Ukrainetz

Getting Ready to Work

18″ x 12″ – Batik on Wool – sold
Three Tanagers by Echo Ukrainetz

Three Tanagers

24″ x 12″ – Batik – sold
Pearfect Pose by Echo Ukrainetz

Pearfect Pose

6″ x 8″ – Batik – sold
Blackfeet Hunter by Echo Ukrainetz

Blackfeet Hunter

23″ x 19″ – Batik – sold
White War Bonnet by Echo Ukrainetz

White War Bonnet

21″ x 17″ – Batik with Gold Leaf – sold
Indian Scout by Echo Ukrainetz

Indian Scout

24″ x 20″ – Batik with Gold Leaf – sold
Branch Office by Echo Ukrainetz

Branch Office

6″ x 8″ – Batik – sold
(Sun) Bathing Beauty by Echo Ukrainetz

(Sun) Bathing Beauty

6″ x 8″ – Batik – sold
Beside the Pumpkin Patch by Deborah Tilby

Cedar Waxwing

7.5″ x 9.5″ – batik with gold leaf – sold
The House on the Hill by Deborah Tilby


7.5″ x 9.5″ – batik with gold leaf – sold
I work in the fine art of batik and enjoy doing realistic and contemporary pieces in a wide variety of subject matter.  The dyes provide me an opportunity to produce vivid colors and contrasts in each work.


Echo Ukrainetz

Echo is a native Montanan and has been interested in art for as long as she can remember.  Her favorite classes throughout school involved drawing and design.  She has never taken classes in batik and has learned through trial and error.

Echo has chosen fine art batik because she enjoys the manipulation of the medium, the complex layering effects, and the sometimes unexpected, yet interesting outcomes in each work of art.  Her preferred subject matter is drawn from history and the beauty of the state of Montana.  She often uses historical photographs because they evoke emotion and are an excellent historical record of a changing world.  The human face is an interesting combination of planes of color, shadows and highlights which can be effectively rendered in batik.

Echo’s batiks are in collections across the United States and Canada and her work has been accepted into numerous fine art auctions including:  the C.M. Russell Auction, the Yellowstone Art Museum Auction, the Holter Museum Auctions and the Paris Gibson Square Museum Auction.

Echo’s work has been in exhibitions at the C.M. Russell Museum, the Hockaday Museum and numerous galleries.  She has participated in the Out West Art Show and Auction in Great Falls, Montana, the Phippen Art Show in Prescott, Arizona, among others.  She is honored to be one of the artists in the Timeless Legacy Show:  Women Artists of Glacier National Park in August 2016 and 2017 at the Hockaday Museum.  Echo’s awards include first place, Mixed Media, Phippen Art Show 2016 and third place, Mixed Media, Phippen Art Show 2015.

Echo has had articles about her work in Western Art Collector, Southwest Art, Cowboys and Indians, Signature Montana, among other regional and state publications.  She is represented by numerous galleries throughout the United States.